hyundai movex




HR Policy

HR System

HYUNDAI MOVEX operates a HR system that is based on objective and reasonable evaluation standards.

Recruiting Management

서류전형 인적성검사 1차 면접(실무) 2차 면접(임원) 신체검사

※ Successful candidates for each level of screening phases and detailed schedules are separately notified through announcements and E-mails.

Welfare System

HYUNDAI MOVEX operates diverse welfare systems so that “all employees and executives can pursue happiness founded on stable livelihood.”

Living Cost Support

  • Issuance of individual welfare card
  • Children’s tuition support (Kindergarten tuition support)
  • Medical costs support for employee and executive and their dependents
  • Congratulatory and condolatory payments
  • Support of personal pension funds

Intra-Company Support

  • Provision of rewards for long-term continuous employment
  • Provision of presents on employee birthday
  • Provision of Holiday presents
  • Operation of sports center and welfare cafe
  • Operation of dormitory


  • Support for club activities
  • Provision of commuter vehicles