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Consulting SM Consulting
Based on an understanding of the client business process, suggests system improvements based on client requests and system issue analysis, supports the establishment of IT plans, and manages the stable operation of client systems.
SI Consulting
Based on a diverse set of knowledge and skills in the information system sector, provides order support through operation recommendations and consultations, in addition to general project management including scheduling, labor, and costs.
IT Support IT Planning
Responsible for planning work including business goals, results management, etc., to achieve strategic goals while also conducting technical examinations of client IT issues and providing technical support.
IT Admin
Support IT planning work and conduct administrative process work that arises within the team.
SW Engineer SW Architect
Based on SW related professional skills and experience, plan and design optimized systems.
Application Maintenance / Improvement
Stable operation of client systems and analysis of user requests, system design, and development work, such as programming, for system improvement.
Application Programming
Development work for the realization of applications, such as system analysis, design, programming, integration tests, etc., and SW development work through participation in SI projects within and without.
Webpage construction that utilizes graphic design tools and homepage management work. Template standardization for internal reports, etc. in addition to outside suggestion form design work.
Infra Engineer Technical Architect
Based on a professional knowledge of servers, DBs, NW, security, etc. that makes up IT Infrastructure component skills, overall planning and design of data processing infrastructure.
System Engineer
Stable operation of infrastructure systems such servers, DBs, OS, etc. and technical support for client issues.
NW Engineer
Based on NW related knowledge, stable operation of network systems and technical support for client issues.
System OP
Data processing system monitoring to maintain system optimal states and initial response work when issues arise while also managing equipment within the center.
Information Security
Maintain security systems in accordance with established information security policy in addition to security system management and improvement through vulnerability inspection/analysis.
Sales SI Sales
Through management of SI market client businesses and partners, seek out business opportunities and obtain orders/contracts for projects through client consultations and business suggestions while also conducting post project management after a project is completed.
Solution Sales
Establish a solutions lineup through market analysis and obtain orders/contracts for projects through suggesting optimal solutions for client needs while also conducting post project management after a project is completed.
Sales Admin
Support internal business processes and apply for outside cooperation as needed for business/ manage results records.
Marketing Marketing
Establish marketing strategy through market investigation/analysis and support sales by providing technical support. Seek out and disseminate domestic and overseas logistics issues while also managing company homepage content.
Business Management HR
Conduct human resources management work by planning and running the company’s various personnel management systems including evaluations, compensation, education, etc.
General Affair
Conduct administrative management of issues arising within the company such as employee welfare support, asset management, event planning and execution, ceremonies, etc.
Seek out superior vendors for product and service procurements and calculate optimal purchase costs.
Resolve legal conflicts and issues through examinations of the law and examine foreign and domestic contracts.
Provide financial administrative information through budget management and finances/costs/management accounting and also administer company funds.
Set company vision and establish mid-long term company strategy, and conduct business planning and manage the analysis of results in order to meet strategic goals.