hyundai movex





2018.05.01 merged to form Hyundai Movex
Provided consulting/built distribution operation system for Sebang
Built a shipping business operation system for Cheongyeong Shipping
Built a shipping business operation system for Hanlim Shipping
Built a shipping business operation system for PAN STAR
Hyundai LNG Shipping information system operation and maintenance
Yongsan Relocation Plan (YRP) project
Built NEW accounting system for Hyundai Elevator sales office
Built the Hyundai Elevator electronic purchasing bidding system
Built the Hyundai Logistics New Container transportation system
uLogisHub upgrade project to provide support for KTnet Government 3.0
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering new LNG network system created
Built a vessel management system for H-LINE SHIPPING
Built 2nd phase of KTnet marine logistics system
Yongsan Relocation Plan (YRP) project
Supplied a DSC Measurement System
Gonyang/Jangseong/Mungyeong photovoltaic power generation project
Smart grid supply support project
Built Hyundai Elevator automatic drawing design system
Built construction ERP for Hyundai Asan
Hyundai Elevator overseas corporation, Integrated Management System
Hyundai Elevator Brazil corporation, PDM(Product Data Management) System
Jeju M-STAY Hotel, Information and Communications Infrastructure
Sejong Metropolitan Autonomuous City, Informatization System(u-City) 1st, 2nd phrase
Hyundai Securities, Separated Networking System
YEOSU GUKJEI PORT, Pier Operating Information System
LOTTE FOODS, Commercial Vehicles Monitoring System
Pakistan, National Information e-Government Consulting Project
Gimpo City, Smart Town Platform Consulting/PMO
Korean Fire Protection Association, GIS Natural Disaster Bulletin System
Gimhae Golden Root Industrial Valley, Construction of Solar power plant (1st~3rd phase)
Busanjin station, Rail CY operation system
Total IT Outsourcing for Ministry of National defense
DONGBU Insurance, Next generation infrastructure
ADT Caps, Remote Reset Service System
GWANGJU Metropolitan City, Integrated city surveillance & monitoring center
Bloomvista, Information and Communications Infrastructure
Building global harbor logistics information Sharing System
Building Namsung Shipping u-COS
Glovis vessel operation management system
Samsung heavy Industries Implementation smart work system
Implementation Sejong city office of education BTL business smart school system
POSEF Smart technical meister school system
Global Logistics Information Network System 3rd Phase
RFID-based Container Terminals Access System
HiTOP, Exhibited at International Assocation of Ports and Harbors (IAPH), Busan
Port Logisctics Information Disaster Recovery Center IT Outsourcing
IT Outsourcing for Korea Internet & Security Agency
Moved into Yeonji-dong New Hyundai Building
Terminal Operating System for Busan New Container Terminal(BNCT)
RFID-based Maritime Imported Cargo Monitoring System
HiTOPS, Exhibited at Terminal Operation Conference and Exhibition (TOC ASIA), Busan
Acquired CMMI Level 3, SI Department
Acquired Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification, Internet Data Center
2009 eASIA Awards ? RTLS/USN based Green u-Port
Established PSA PNIT 1-1 Management System
Participated in Kormarine 2009, International Marine Exhibition in Busan
Ministry of land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
? Established Global Logistics/Trades Information Network Implementation
Ministry of land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
? Established 2nd business of RTLS/USN based u-Port
Samsung Heavy Industries, Established “GIS based Digital Shipyard System”
Participated in RFID/USN KOREA 2008 conference
Proclaimed New Organizational Culture 「4T」
Ministry of land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
? Established RTLS/USN based u-Port
Seoul Metro, Established Key Communications Network
Participated in Kormarine 2007, International Marine Exhibition in Busan
Established Busan Office for extend the business
Obtained Certification of Quality Management System (KSA9001:2001 ISO9001:2001)
Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, Implemented RTLS/USN based Ubiquitous Port Pilot Project
Established R&D Organization for Ubiquitous Technologies
Korea National Computerized Agency, IT outsourcing service in Public sector, Management of the representive Goverement-related Information Systems in state-run organization
HMM, Implemented Next Generation Logistics Operating System
Signed Memorandum of Understanding with CA Korea for IT Governance
Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, Implemented RFID based Pilot Project for Streamlined Port System
Ministry of Unification, Implemented RFID based Pilot Project for CIQ Management System
Established HYUNDAI Ubiquitous & Information Technology toward Total IT Service Expert Group
Consulting on mid&long-term ISP for Individual Hyundai-Affiliated companies
Strategic Alliance with Global IT Leader group (IBM, SUN, Microsoft)
Participated in Kormarine 2005, and launched Vessel Management System featured by Vessel Visibility
HMM, Joint hands with KT for co-Sales & Marketing on Vessel Management System business
HMM, Carried out Global Extended ERP Project
HMM, Delivered Consulting on Information Strategy Planning for Shipping Logsitics
HL, Developed First in Mail-Order Selling system
HL, Renewal project for Delivery Intelligence system
HMM, Implemented Marine Analytical System
HMM, Delivered Inland Transportation Management System
HMM, Implemented Shipping Logistics Information System
(First in Enterprise-spanning solution focused on specialized marine businesses)
HMM, Integrated partially automated system across the overseas companies with seamless collaborative legacy system
HMM, Implemented ERP for the overseas' headquarters
Completed Knowledge Management System(Known as HI-Office) and introduced to All Hyundai Affiliates
HMM, Delivered worldwide container & terminal operating system
HL, Implemented Inland Transportation Tracking system
HA, Developed Web-based CIQ Information system
Corporate spin-off of logistics/PSD business unit (HYUNDAI MOVEX Co., Ltd.)
Received order for PSD in 50 stations in Metro Rail including Ansan Station
Completed the construction of automated cold warehouse at the Southeast Regional Logistical Center (Seoul Complex Logistics, Seoul)
Dedicated to the hall of fame of excellent quality competitiveness company (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy)
Received order for PSD in 27 stations in Incheon Subway Line 2
Received order for PSD in 9 stations in Incheon Subway including Gyulhyeon Station
Received order for PSD in 5 stations in second-phase of Seoul Metro Line 9
Received order for PSD in 19 stations in Gyeongbu Line including Yongsan Station
Received order for privately invested PSD project for 10 stations in Busan Subway including Busan Station
Received for PSD in 38 stations in Line 6 including Bonghwasan Station and 15 stations in Seoul Metro Line 1 including Cheongnyangli Station
Received order for privately invested PSD projects for 4 stations in Daegu Subway including East Daegu Station
Completed the construction of Cheongju Logistics Center Automated Warehouse (Orion Confectionery)
Received order for privately-invested PSD project for 12 stations in Seoul Metro including Seoul Station
Received order for PSD in 6 stations in Shinbundang Line including Gangnam Station
Selected as Excellent Quality Competitiveness Company for ten consecutive years (Korean Agency for Technology and Standards)
Acquired the first ISO14001 for PSD in Korea
Completed construction of the first sensor-method Dongmyo Station and the first handrail in Gangbyun Station in Korea
Acquired the first quality certificate for city railroad goods in all fields including sealed, semi-sealed, and handrail screen doors in Korea
Received order for 24 stations in Seoul Metro Line 9 and 10 station in Incheon Airport Railroad
Completed construction of publication logistics center (Bookxen)
Completed construction of the first 50m automated warehouse in Korea (Ottogi’s Daepoong Factory)
Completed construction of automated warehouse at JW Pharmaceutical’s Dangjin factory
Acquisition of civil engineering construction business license
Acquired the First ISO9001 for PSD in Korea
Completed construction of the RF-Method Yongdu Station, which is the first in Korea
Completed construction of first PSD in Korea in 2 Stations in Gwangju Subway
The only company in Korea that is certified as After-Sale Service Excellence Company in the PSD Sector · Ministry of Industry and Energy
Selected as the first after-sales service excellent company in the logistics automation industry (Ministry of Industry and Energy)
Completed construction of the first 40m automated cold warehouse in Korea (Samjin Gwangju Factory)
The first cargo terminal automated warehouse in Korea that is made entirely of Korean technology(Asiana Airlines in Incheon Airport)
Completed construction of Hankook Tire GT Logistics Automation (Geumsan Factory)
First introduction of PSD in Korea (Technology Partnership with Nabtesco)
Acquisition of ISO9001 and 14001 Certificates
Completed construction of the first Steel Belt Sorter in Korea (Hyundai Parcel Service Gunpo Terminal)
Registration as engineering business
Automation of process logistics at Hyundai Electronics E2 Factory (Icheon)
Completed construction of elevator equipment at Seoul Asan Hospital (Seoul)
Completed construction of Hyundai Motor Company’s Engine Storage Automated Warehouse (Ulsan Factory)
Launch of Logistics Business Unit
Execution of Technology License Agreement with Murata Machinery, Ltd. of Japan
Incorporation of Hyundai Elevator