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Hyundai Movex

We are leveraging changes to create new customer value.
We support customer to enjoy faster service,  better experience, and continuous growth

Hyundai Movex Co., Ltd. / IT segment
We create value beyond IT services.

For the past 10 years, HYUNDAI MOVEX has grown into a representative Korean IT company through ceaseless innovation and development. Our company holds a peerless position in the maritime shipping logistics solution category, and our company’s port operating system supports the transfer of 10 million containers per year, playing a key role in the improvement of Korea’s import and export competitiveness. Furthermore, our shipping company and vessel management systems have been installed in roughly 100 vessels, contributing to the improvement of vessel management and route efficiency, firmly establishing our company as a standard bearer in the Korean market.

Hyundai Movex Co., Ltd. / Logistics automation segment
We bring a total engineering solution to our customer.

HYUNDAI MOVEX is an integrated logistics specialist that provides optimal Total Engineering Solution for the customer based on system construction examples in diverse industries ranging from logistics automation system consulting, design, manufacturing and installation, and maintenance, and construction experience. Moreover, HYUNDAI MOVEX was the first to introduce the Platform Screen Doors—a subway safety facility—in Korea and currently supplies optimal system to national subways and railroads.